Foxy and Green

Welcome on my blog
I’m Sarah, 28 years old from Cologne. I live together with my boyfriend Tom and dog Emil. Since the beginning of 2019, I have said goodbye to meat and dairy products and have had so many positive effects on my health, body and soul. I want to share these changes with my readers. I want to support people in their transition to a purely plant-based diet. Because it has not only the best possible impact on one’s own health, but also on animal welfare and our environment. As an environmentalist, I love nature. I want to live more sustainably and greener and stick to my attempts. Exercise and fresh air are also part of my daily routine. Travel is my biggest passion. The big challenge for me is to travel in a sustainable way. Join me on my journey.

Why Foxy and Green?

FOXY stands for my favorite animal the fox I believe they are very autonomous, self-determined and clever creatures. They are also extremely aware of their environmental influences. I want to share content in a respectful way and inspire people in their daily lives to be more conscious of their actions towards themselves, others and the environment.
The word GREEN combines the topics travel, veganism, sustainability, body & soul all together.

Getting in touch!

I’m looking forward to your comments, tips, ideas and thoughts!

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“The World Is A Book And Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page.” – Augstine of Hippo