Bagpiper auf der Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Love at first sight: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known for whiskey, bagpipes and men without underpants (under their kilt). Of course, the best ingredients for a city trip. Before the flight, I had looked at some blog posts and videos about the city and did some research. Nevertheless, I never thought that I would fall in love with this city so intensely. Edinburgh is not too big to be overrun by people and yet it’s a hodgepodge of history, monarchy, modern and funky neighborhoods (Stockbridge!) And the cutest gift shops I’ve ever seen. Every corner wants and needs to be photographed. I’m still thinking about when to travel to Edinburgh again  …

Porto: The Port of Nostalgia

Porto – in my heart it’s my second home. Even when I first traveled to Porto 2010 and was waiting for the metro at the airport, I felt a soft feeling of comfort in my body and I knew “I’m home!”. Since that day, I have experienced many unforgettable moments in the small town at the outfall of the Douro River, which have linked me more and more to the city. My friends often ask me, “What is so special about Porto?” There are millions of answers to this question. Countless Travel Magazines have been talking about Porto as “insiders tip” for several years. Porto is not a secret anymore, but it’s still a tip! Therefore I would like to tell you some of my reasons why you must travel to Porto!