Switzerland: nature and city life in Zurich

Zürich Uetliberg Zürichsee

Switzerland: nature and city life
in Zurich

In recent years it seems that Switzerland is increasingly popular as a holiday destination. I often see pictures of lush green pastures, happy cows, crystal clear mountain lakes and snowy mountains on Instagram, Facebook and on the front covers of travel magazines. Fortunately, there is a direct flight connection from Hamburg to Zurich and since I have a friend who currently lives in Zurich, I thought why not take the opportunity and visit Switzerland!

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Known for rich culture and a vibrant nightlife. In many statistics, Zurich is one of the most livable cities in the world, but also one of the most expensive. Architecturally Zurich is a mixture of old buildings and half-timbered houses with Parisian charm.

The town center is located on the northern tip of Lake Zurich. Here, of course, you will find many luxury boutiques. But there are also shops for the small purse. From the Lindenhof you have a great view over the city and the river Limmat. What I think is great, is that there is a total of 1200 wells in the entire city area and you can drink from most of them.

Schweiz Zürich Altstadt

Schweiz Zürich Altstadt Strassenbahn

Schweiz Zürich Altstadt Brücke

Schweiz Zürich Altstadt Limmat


A trip up to Uetliberg

Uetliberg, Zurich’s own local mountain, is a very popular destination for tourists as well as locals. From the city you can quickly get into nature. You can climb the 870 meters up, or take the mountain railway. A normal ticket for public transport is enough for the S 10 “mountain railway”. We also decided to go up by train, and walk down, which is good training for your knees. You don’t need to be very sporty for up or downhill, as the paths are either cobbled or paved. However, the ascent and descent is relatively steep. But it is worth it! From the top you have a wonderful view of Zurich and Lake Zurich. In clear weather you can also see the Alps.

Zürich Uetliberg Zürichsee

Zürich Uetliberg Zürichsee

Zürich Wandern Natur

Zürich Wandern Natur


Tips to save money

If you don’t have a super manager job or earn your living in Switzerland, then Zurich is quite expensive. If you have rented a holiday apartment or airbnb, it is worth taking as much food as possible from Germany. I have brought my own cereal and some snacks haha. Eating out can easily cost 30 euros for a meal and a drink. If you cook yourself, it can save you a lot of money. You don’t need to use public transport very often, you can reach and explore a lot of things by foot. As already mentioned, there are drinking fountains everywhere in Zurich, so you don’t have to buy water bottles all the time and can quench your thirst on the way.

Schweiz Zürich Altstadt Springbrunnen


The Swiss and the Germans

Switzerland is still one of the most popular emigration destinations for Germans. Probably because of the language, the good salary and the low taxes. The clash of cultures is a very exciting topic for me. My friend told me a lot about her experiences in Zurich. She regarded the Swiss as rather quiet, friendly, but closed to the outside. The Swiss, on the other hand, saw Germans as scrimpers. Still, I must say, I would like to explore Switzerland further! What about you? What experiences and experiences did you gather in Switzerland?

Schweiz Zürich Blumen Natur

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