My Bath Products: Minimal, Vegan and Sustainable

Pflegeprodukte im Bad: Minimal, Vegan und Nachhaltig / Bambus-Zahnbürste + Denttabs

My Bath and Beauty Products:
Minimal, Vegan and Sustainable

Less is more, that’s my keyword. This is how I feel about my hair and body care. I asked myself: “Do I really need all these beauty products?” So in the last few weeks and months I have significantly reduced and decluttered my bathing products. I got rid of:

  • Numerous facial masks that promise a youthful and pure skin
  • Unnecessary creams against wrinkles
  • Hair conditioners and sprays that promise silky smooth hair, and so on …

Not only do you have a product for every single part of your body, you also spend tons of money on them. Another problem: With all the care products in your bathroom comes a huge amount of plastic packaging. This is by no means sustainable. Plastic is flooding our planet. We have all seen pictures of islands of plastic floating in the oceans. But the problem does not stop here: A large portion of the cosmetic products, before being sold on the market, have been used and tested on animals such as mice and rats. Although there has been a prohibition in Germany for some years on carrying out animal testing with cosmetic products, this prohibition does not exist in countries such as China. Though brands are not allowed to test their products on animals for the German market, these tests are no  problem on the Chinese market.

Considering the above, I have gradually minimized my toiletries in the bathroom and rely on vegan and sustainable products and brands. I also try to make my own products with simple things like vinegar and oil. I bought and tested all the following by myself,  and this is my experience.

Pflegeprodukte im Bad: Minimal, Vegan und Nachhaltig / Gesichtsöl

My daily hair care

Every person has a different hair structure. Smooth, wavy, curly or frizzy. The hardness of the water also has an influence on washing your hair and the result afterwards. In my opinion, the switch to a sustainable and plastic-free hair product in the bathroom is the easiest. A few years ago, I tried the No-Poo washing method (hair washing with rye flour, healing earth or only with water). It is, however, a very inconvenient way of washing your hair while traveling. That wasn’t really a fit for me. Besides, I was way too lazy to constantly mix the rye flour paste.

The handling of a solid shampoo is much easier for me. While showering you rub the firm shampoo on your scalp until it begins to foam. Then you continue to use it like a regular shampoo. The so-called “surface-acing agents” within do the cleaning. After a few attempts, I came across my absolute favourite solid shampoo from Liebevoll Naturkosmetik. In general, I do not use a conditioner after shampooing, but every now and then I make myself an acid rinse. This consists of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 500ml of water, this is the mixture I use after washing my hair with the shampoo. After that, it’s much easier to comb. That’s it, I rarely do much more to my hair, sometimes an oil massage if it gets a little dry.

Showering and Shaving

It could not be easier. Only a bar of soap (currently one made of  shea butter) serves me as both shower lotion and shaving foam. To dry off the solid shampoo and the bar of soap, both are placed on a loofah sponge after showering. The sponge soaks in the moisture of the soaps, as well as allowing air to circulate, drying them much faster and avoiding the unpleasant soapy water you find in your soap dish.

Small note: Sponges are an animal product and are therefore not vegan! The Loofah sponge,however, is a vegetable plant derived from a ripe fruit. Therefore loofah sponges are a 
perfect vegan and plastic-free alternative.

My plastic-free shaving alternative is a safety razor. Maybe you’ve seen this type of razor at your grandparents. Originally invented for men’s beards, it is also a great plastic-free alternative for women. You only need to change the blades, which are made of platinum. These can be saved and later taken to a recycling center. The blades are super sharp, durable and the result is great, smooth skin. If you hold the razor at a 30 degree angle, there is no danger of cutting yourself. My razor is from the german brand Mühle and the blades from the brand Astra.

Rasierhobel Mühle

Brushing my teeth plastic-free

Bamboo toothbrushes have already made it into drugstores, hooray! Bamboo is biodegradable, only the bristles belong in the landfill as waste. I have been using my bamboo toothbrush for several months now and would not want to swap it for a plastic one anymore. At first, it is a strange feeling to have wood in your mouth, but you get used to it very quickly. Choosing the right toothpaste is much more difficult. I tested everything, starting from:

  • Toothpaste on a stick (disgusting)
  • Tooth powder with activated carbon (just as disgusting)
  • Organic toothpaste with lavender (great, but here the plastic problem persists)
  • Toothbrush tablets (Denttabs)

I stuck with the Denttabs. The small tabs can be found in your local zero-waste shop or also in the drugstore. They are easy to take traveling, easy to handle, and they have no disgusting taste like all the other things I tried. It works like this: you take the tablets with a sip of water and chew. The tablets will crumble and you can brush your teeth with the resulting mixture. Excellent!

Deodorant, body lotion and face cream

Normal deodorants have so many bad ingredients, like aluminum or alcohol. You should generally pay attention to the ingredients and try to buy products without them. Deodorants with aluminum etc. clog the pores. Again, I love the deodorant from Liebevoll Naturkosmetik. You can tell that I’m a big fan of this little brand! The deodorant takes the form of a paste from a small glass jar and is simply smeared under the armpits. It has a light scent and keeps me sweat-free.

Many people have the belief that oils make the face and body greasy. On the contrary! They nourish face and body properly with the moisture they need. You can easily create your own body oil mixture. Olive, almond, coconut or rapeseed oil are very nutritious for the skinYou can easily find these oils in the kitchen and at the same time save money. Mix with essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil – and voila, you have created your own body oil. In Germany essential oils are sold rather in the organic supermarket or online.

For my facial care I use the same oil mixture as for my body. I like the pleasant feeling of gentle oil on my skin. For spots and redness I use aloe vera gel, no cream, but simply from the plant itself. I have two aloe vera plants at home, from which I cut off a leaf with a knife, then cut the leaf lengthways and massage the gel onto my face. The aloe vera plant is one of the oldest remedies in the world. After a short time, spots and redness will disappear.

Bath products – Conclusion

That’s all. I do not use more bath products at the moment. I am glad that my skin is no longer burdened with so many different conventional care products. When traveling, my wash bag is no longer so heavy and crammed with products. With the change you can do something good for the environment and your wallet, in my view, there are only positives. Try it for yourself!

If you feel like reading more about sustainability, take a look at my blog post about 
Sustainability: Living Green.
Nachhaltigkeit: Grüner leben im Alltag

This blog post contains unpaid advertising, all the mentioned items are self-bought.

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