Mecklenburg Lake District in autumn

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

Mecklenburg Lake District in autumn

A weekend away from the big city – The Mecklenburg Lake District is suitable for recreation and recharging your energy. Deep green forests, picturesque lakes and old red brick houses. Ever since I’ve been living in Hamburg, I wanted to get away from the noise of the city and out into the countryside. Tom had the weekend off – so we grabbed our bags and went on Friday evening. We decided to go to “Plau am See”, an official health resort.

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See


 Plau and the Lake

The Mecklenburg Lake District is located east of Hamburg. It is about 180 kilometers distance from Plau am See. It is the seventh largest lake in Germany. Great for all seasons: in the summer you can drift around on the water or make beautiful cycling tours in autumn. We did that too. With the borrowed bicycles from the hotel we cycled along the lake shore and into the village. On the way: ponies and innumerable apple trees. The ponies had already got their fluffy winter fur. The ponies looked like little cotton balls.

The center of Plau am See is very small. Nevertheless, there is a lot to see. Directly at the entrance is a castle with a small fortress around. The special attraction of this castle is the 11 meters deep dungeon. My optical highlight was the town hall. All around the Town Hall, wild wine grows. Now, in the autumn, the leaves have dyed in the brightest autumn colors, red, orange and yellow, and it is an excellent choice for photography.


Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

Back to our bicycles we walked along the Elde promenade. The small river rippled brightly. His journey ends in the North Sea. The relatively short stretch from the sluice to the idyllic harbor, once again gives you the chance to take a look at the beautiful red-brick houses with fisherman’s charm. During the two days we were really lucky with the weather. Always sunshine. So we could sit down and enjoy the peace. In the autumn time, sunny days are simply incredibly beautiful.

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See


Things to see


1. Bärenwald Müritz

Bears don’t live in the wild in Germany anymore. In circus and in zoos, they are hardly handled appropriate. To the south of Plau am See, there is a 16-hectare protection center for bearers. Visitors have the opportunity to observe different types of bears in large fenced areas. In order to explore the Bärenwald with sufficient time, unfortunately we arrived too late. For families with children, the Bärenwald is a great excursion destination.

2. Wittstock/Dosse

Further in the direction of Brandenburg is the small town of Wittstock / Dosse. I loved the still existing historic houses. Wittstock is surrounded by a green park. A walk is worth it. Very interesting is the historical past of this city. Wittstock has lived through the Thirty Years’ War, the Plague, Napoleon, National Socialism, and the GDR era. In the surrounding area there was a concentration camp and an airfield, which was used by the Soviet Union as an army airfield. If you are interested, you can go to Alt-Daber. There are still old shelters of Russian fighters.

3. Gedenkstätte Todesmarsch

Tom and I were drawn to this memorial by accident. In Brandenburg, it seems that mobile Internet is not welcome, haha! With the preloaded Google Map we searched our way back to the hotel and then came across a signpost. It had become quite dark. The history of the memorial: In 1945, the SS leaded 30,000 men, women and children across the long march from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in the direction of Schwerin. They were captured and guarded by the Nazis without accommodation, food and drink. Half of the Jews died. People are remembered by several memorials. I am always frightened by the atrocities of the time, whenever I see a movie, reading a book or visiting a memorial.


Restaurant Tips

We have found some very good restaurants with extremely delicious food, which we would definitely recommend you:

1. Zeislers Esszimmer

This restaurant is located directly in Plau am See, at the Elde river. The ambience is modern and elegant, with frog-green accents. We think it was really cozy. On Saturday evening the restaurant was well visited. The price I would say, is affordable middle class. I had some very tasty noodles with pumpkin vegetables and prawns. Tom had Lübzer Strauß, a very regional dish. I can still remember the super delicious taste! You can check out the menu online: Zeislers Esszimmer in Plau am See.

2. Wiepeldorn

You can dine in Wiepeldorn in Vipperow just as culinary. The small village of Vipperow is passed quiet quickly, therefore you could miss the restaurant easily. That would be terrible! The restaurant has large bodied depth windows and captivates through its rural charm. Absolutely tasty was definitely the French Cider, I had to order it directly two times. Suitable for a sunny autumn day, I had a deer calf. Great as it was regional meat! Tom had the pork tenderloin. For dessert, we had chocolate soufflé with lemon sorbet. Ok, I could have eaten five servings of it! The fluffy chocolate was amazing !!

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

It was a wonderful weekend with plenty of new impressions, beautiful nature and much relaxation.

Where are you going when you need peace and relaxation?

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