Love at first sight: Edinburgh

Bagpiper auf der Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Love at first sight: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known for whiskey, bagpipes and men without underpants (under their kilt). Of course, the best ingredients for a city trip. Before the flight, I had looked at some blog posts and videos about the city and did some research. Nevertheless, I never thought that I would fall in love with this city so intensely. Edinburgh is not too big to be overrun by people and yet it’s a hodgepodge of history, monarchy, modern and funky neighborhoods (Stockbridge!) And the cutest gift shops I’ve ever seen. Every corner wants and needs to be photographed. I’m still thinking about when to travel to Edinburgh again  …

Royal Mile in Edinburgh in November

Royal Mile Edinburgh

Me in Action


The best time to visit

Yes, most days of the year it rains in Edinburgh and in summer it rarely gets warmer than 20 degrees Celsius. Still no reason not to visit this Scottish beauty. Every year in August, the inhabitants of the city double. During this month, the so-called Fringe Festival will be held. It is the world’s largest cultural festival! Throughout the city, various shows, plays and performances take place. Our friends from Edinburgh are crazy about this festival. Check out the homepage or tell me if you’ve been there before!

My absolute favorite time in the UK is autumn. Nothing is better than sitting in a pub in front of a roaring log fire when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Somehow we traveled to the UK for a second time in November, maybe a little tradition. The autumn colors: red, brown, orange and yellow still dominate the landscape and cities during this month. Especially in Edinburgh the colorful contrast to the grey houses is incredibly beautiful. And in good weather, it offers the best photo scenes.

Edinburgh is the ultimate travel destination for all Christmas lovers in December! The Christmas Market on “East Princes Street Gardens” offers an unbeatable festive atmosphere. Great highlights are the ice skating rink and the Christmas tree labyrinth. So if you’ve already seen all the Christmas markets in your city, Edinburgh is worth a visit.

Ich auf den Straßen von Edinburgh

Fetty's College in Edinburgh


Must Visits in Edinburgh

Of course, there are countless guides that list all the sights in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile, Mary King’s Close, the Holyrood Palace, Arthur’s Seat and and and … all are really worth a visit! But, from my point of view, there are still a handful, some more secret and less known (or just rarely mentioned, haha) sights and places to visit and see.

Greyfriars Bobby

Number One: Greyfriars Bobby! A life size statue of a little terrier. The story behind it: Little Bobby belonged to a policeman who died and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery. For the next 14 years, little Bobby lived in the cemetery next to his owner’s grave. The statue is reminiscent of the faithful friend. A myth says that if you stroke the dog’s nose, it will bring you good luck. The cemetery holds more myths. Many names of the graves gave the names many Harry Potter characters, e.g. Tom Riddle (Voldemort).

Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh


Now to a great place for food and shopping, and my number two: Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. Formerly a medieval market square, today lined with many small shops, cafes and pubs. The historic buildings give the square a special touch. The tastiest lunch I had in Edinburgh was at Graze On Grassmarket. Here you can put together tortillas, bread rolls, baked potatoes or salads with dozens of different ingredients. True to the motto: As much as you can fill it with. And that for only 3.95 pounds! As soon as you have eaten, you will continue to the vintage shop of W. Armstrong & Son. Upon entering you will be greeted by the smell of mothballs. Here you can find clothes from all decades. Also old army uniforms. Great for theme parties or carnival!

Grassmarket in Edinburgh

Edinburgh a view of the city

Forth Bridge

The red Forth Bridge is one of Edinburgh’s landmarks and my number three for you. The railway is handled via the Forth Bridge. The bridge is almost 120 years old, wow! A good viewpoint you will find at South Queensferry. It’s accessible by bus or car. From here you have a great view over the Firth of Forth.

Ich vor der Forth Bridge Edinburgh

Tom und ich vor der Forth Bridge in Edinburgh

Forth Bridge in Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Number four: I think botanical gardens are great. The accumulation of tropical plants and cactus worlds fascinate me. I would like to have a whole botanical garden in my living room (I’m working on it!). The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh are really worth a visit. Not only do you have a great view of the city from there, but also the many different greenhouses and tropical houses. Furthermore, you also have to make a detour to the souvenir shop. From there I have a super sweet coffee jar with bird print (love!).


Hip, hipper, Stockbridge

For my number five I chose: Stockbridge. This district is filled with character. The area is characterized by the many gift shops, tea houses, small restaurants, cafes and pubs. Stockbridge feels like its own little town. For creative minds and hip people, it’s the perfect place. I could list a huge list with must-do’s in Stockbridge. But I’m making it short. A small list of the best places to eat: The Raeburn Pub, For a cup of coffee: Artisan Roast, For a quick snack in between: No. 33, For souvenir shopping: Popping Up in Stockbridge.

Häuserfassaden in Edinburgh



Edinburgh City View

Royal Mile Edinburgh Kathedrale

Edinburgh City View Royal Mile

Bagpiper auf der Royal Mile in Edinburgh

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