An afternoon on Wangerooge

Strand von Wangerooge genießen

An afternoon on Wangerooge

A few weeks ago, Tom and I spent an afternoon together on the small East Frisian island of Wangerooge in the North Sea. The island is located, together with the islands of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog along the Lower Saxony coast. Wangerooge is completely car free. That’s absolutely great. Nevertheless there are a few possibilities to get on to the island – by ferry and the plane (Inselflieger). We were lucky and flew exclusively with our own aircraft – thanks to Pilot Tom. 😉

A paradise for children and dogs

During I went to school, I only knew the islands from the stories of my classmates about their holidays. No doubt – Wangerooge is a holiday paradise for children par excellence! Because there are no cars on the islands, the kids can move around without a risk – they can build sandcastles, explore the island by bicycle or on the back of a pony. In addition to all the children, there are countless dogs on the island. The dogs even have their own area on the beach. There they can play with the owners in the sand and chase balls. I found it a little sad that we did not have Emil with us. He would have loved to play in the sand and run through the dunes. The water, however, he does not like so much, haha!

Strand und Dünen auf Wangerooge

Strand von Wangerooge


Sun bathing on the North Sea

Wangerooge has a very pleasant climate. The temperature doesn’t change much during the summer and is around 20 degrees. However, it feels at least 5 degrees warmer than it actually is. Due to the pleasant breeze on the island, you will never get too hot on the beach. So we were sun bathing with  20 degrees on the North Sea (in bathing suits). 😉

The sound of the sea, sand between your toes and sun in your face, what can be better? For relaxation and peace the island of Wangerooge is ideal for this, for a day or a few weeks. We will definitely be back, the next time with Emil!

Süße Strandkörbe

Strand von Wangerooge genießen

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