Azure Window Malta Gozo

Our favourite places in Malta

Malta is rich in breathtaking cliffs, crystal clear waters and hidden bays. The small island in the Mediterranean Sea has much to offer. Not only during the summer season, but also during the remaining months, when the big groups of tourists have not yet arrived in Malta. We spent our time in Malta between January and March, and explored the island by car.


Valletta, Malta’s historic capital

Our travel guide for Malta & Gozo has only about 200 pages, small and compact, just like you could describe Valletta, the (mini-) capital of the country. In the east of Malta, Valletta sits high on a rocky peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by historic fortress walls. Without a car, the best way to get into the city, it’s through the city gate. Almost all bus lines in Malta stop there. Crossing the moat over a pedestrian bridge and you’re right in the heart of the city. Valletta – with its charm of the past centuries.