Valletta, Malta’s historic capital

Our travel guide for Malta & Gozo has only about 200 pages, small and compact, just like you could describe Valletta, the (mini-) capital of the country. In the east of Malta, Valletta sits high on a rocky peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by historic fortress walls. Without a car, the best way to get into the city, it’s through the city gate. Almost all bus lines in Malta stop there. Crossing the moat over a pedestrian bridge and you’re right in the heart of the city. Valletta – with its charm of the past centuries.

Porto: The Port of Nostalgia

Porto – in my heart it’s my second home. Even when I first traveled to Porto 2010 and was waiting for the metro at the airport, I felt a soft feeling of comfort in my body and I knew “I’m home!”. Since that day, I have experienced many unforgettable moments in the small town at the outfall of the Douro River, which have linked me more and more to the city. My friends often ask me, “What is so special about Porto?” There are millions of answers to this question. Countless Travel Magazines have been talking about Porto as “insiders tip” for several years. Porto is not a secret anymore, but it’s still a tip! Therefore I would like to tell you some of my reasons why you must travel to Porto!


Our Highlights: 4 things you should do in England

Probably every one of us has already visited London before, taking a ride on the London Eye, waving the Queen at Buckingham Place, done a shopping tour on Oxford Street and visited the fancy shops and markets in Camden Town. The British capital changes every day. But also outside the metropolis there is plenty of British culture to discover. Here are the 4 highlights of our last visit to England:

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte im Herbst - Plau am See

Mecklenburg Lake District in autumn

A weekend away from the big city – The Mecklenburg Lake District is suitable for recreation and recharging your energy. Deep green forests, picturesque lakes and old red brick houses. Ever since I’ve been living in Hamburg, I wanted to get away from the noise of the city and out into the countryside. Tom had the weekend off – so we grabbed our bags and went on Friday evening. We decided to go to “Plau am See”, an official health resort.