Pflegeprodukte im Bad: Minimal, Vegan und Nachhaltig / Bambus-Zahnbürste + Denttabs

My Bath Products: Minimal, Vegan and Sustainable

Less is more, that’s my keyword. This is how I feel about my hair and body care. I asked myself: “Do I really need all these beauty products?” So in the last few weeks and months I have significantly reduced and decluttered my bathing products.
Not only do you have a product for every single part of your body, you also spend tons of money on them. Another problem: With all the care products in your bathroom comes a huge amount of plastic packaging. This is by no means sustainable. Plastic is flooding our planet. We have all seen pictures of islands of plastic floating in the oceans. But the problem does not stop here: A large portion of the cosmetic products, before being sold on the market, have been used and tested on animals such as mice and rats.

Nachhaltigkeit: Grüner leben im Alltag

Sustainability: Living Green

For more sustainability in Europe: On the 24th of October, the European Parliament voted in favour of a ban on disposable plastic. Many of us are already aware of the alarming amount of plastic in the sea. Nearly 13 million tons. This is not a nice sight even as a traveler, when the beaches are littered with plastic and scrap metal. Every single one of us can do something about it. And it’s not hard. In this post I would like to explain my reasons for a greener lifestyle and I will give you a few simple tips for a more sustainable everyday life.

Walfänger Haus auf Pico

Unique accommodations on the Azores

In my last post I already spoke about my love for the Azores. The rough, green nature of the islands has inspired me. In this post I would like to show you two of our (very) short-term homes on the Azores. These were absolutely unique. They could not have been more different, but they were both beautiful and we would have liked to have spent more time in each. On the one hand there was the former whaling house on Pico and on the other hand our glamping tent in the middle of a banana forest on Faial.

Emil am Rhein

Lifeupdate #1 – New Job & New Home

Hey guys! You haven’t heard from me for a long while. For almost 6 months there hasn’t been anything new on, but this has an end now! Honestly, the whole last year was first a roller coaster ride and then everything was suddenly paused. I wanted to tell you about so many great trips and things, like the Azores or our life with our dog Emil. But there it was … or not: The motivation lack. So I want to give you a little life update, what has happened since last year. Let’s start:

Bagpiper auf der Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Love at first sight: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known for whiskey, bagpipes and men without underpants (under their kilt). Of course, the best ingredients for a city trip. Before the flight, I had looked at some blog posts and videos about the city and did some research. Nevertheless, I never thought that I would fall in love with this city so intensely. Edinburgh is not too big to be overrun by people and yet it’s a hodgepodge of history, monarchy, modern and funky neighborhoods (Stockbridge!) And the cutest gift shops I’ve ever seen. Every corner wants and needs to be photographed. I’m still thinking about when to travel to Edinburgh again  …

Mailand Duomo di Milano

Milan – Explore Fashion & Culture

All roads lead to Rome. But not this time! On my itinerary is the Italian fashion city of Milan. Famous for their cathedral, or better known as “Duomo”, Prada and Italian women on murderous high heel shoes. In Milan, you can satisfy your shopping pleasure and at the same time glance at the detailed antique buildings. I would like to show you my favorite sights and places and give you tips for your shopping tours!